Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Most of the panels are on. Two more have to be put up after the connections are brought through the roof. Rumor is we will get either a final solar or building inspection. Then we get in touch with the local utility for the connections to be made. Our builder suggests that since our utility purchases electricity from Progress Energy, they have to get their "permission" to buy what we generate. Once that is done they can make the connection and we can go live.

We have received our owners manual from Alternative Energy, it has a lot of information on the products being used and the users guide for our monitoring system. This system will require a regular net connection that I will have to figure out as I only have one connection. It is also located close to most of the electronics in the house, the monitoring unit suggests keeping it away from such things.


  1. I take it that your connection (for internet) needs to be out in the garage/barn? If so, you might need to use an ACCESS POINT arrangement where the link from the barn to the house (and the existing internet connection) is made by radio frequency. Otherwise, it is a matter of installing a cable underground which doesn't seem to cool.

  2. The installation guide suggest it needs to be in conditioned space. I could consider plugging it into the computer and leaving it on all day but am really trying to use less energy and it is best to not be near other gadgets to decrease interference. I will have to get another router to connect this to.