Friday, January 8, 2010

LIVE 18kwh today

We went live on Tuesday as the sun was going down. The picture shows the final connection being made so the switches could be turned on. Since then it has been interesting to see just how much there is yet to learn. The meters are set up to be read early each am by some kind of a silent phone call. I've heard of one company called Badger Meter that does this with cell phones, I think ours are tied into the landlines here, requiring DSL internet filters. Then it took a few days to recognize that our monitoring unit was not working well as it was plugged into an outlet that was on the same breaker circuit as most of the computer gadgets are in, as these are in a surge protector the signal did not make it to the monitor. These signals get transmitted via the neutral/ground wire. We had some loud background noise on our telephone, at least for tonight it has gone away.

Our home monitoring unit relays data via broadband connection to the Enphase Enlighten web site. I've set ours up to be available for the public to see. It is not yet listed but I expect it will be in the coming days. When it is I'll try and post a link. If you follow the following link you can view reference installations of others.

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